Friday, January 26, 2007

More Lessons!

My next two lessons from David said to avoid taking photos at eye level and to use an tripod to stabelize pictures and make them sharper.
I tried!
These images are not as great as they could be. I would like to venture out of the den and see what other subjects I can attack; however, this is what I had available at the time! I would like to try some more drastic angle-changes, so I will work on that this week.
What do you think?
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Night Playing Computer Games


Southern Girl said...

Very cute subjects you have there!

Was the one of Orson taken with a flash? A friend of mine who's an amateur but very good photographer and who has several dogs, gave me some good advice for photographing animals, particularly cats. She said to do my best to avoid using a flash in the house -- that'll it'll help avoid that glowing eye look. It really helped improve my pictures of Pumpkin.

Mari said...

Yes-I used flash. Otherwise the cat looks all blurry; our house isn't bright enough. I'll try it again when there is more light in the room. Thanks for the tip!