Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day Nineteen

HPIM0627, originally uploaded by mari_ickes.


Lisa said...

Hi Mari and thanks for stopping by my blog! What kind of camera are you using? I'm really a novice myself, been taking photos for just about a year now. I agree with the tip of shooting a lot- I've taken over 5,000 pictures in a year. Digital is great! If you don't like it, dump it. ;-)

Check out and as both are great sites.

I like the way you captured the light in the eyes in this shot. :-)

Mari said...

Thank you for coming by here! My camera is an HP Photosmart E327, 5.0 megapixels. It is a nice camera for what it is, but now that I've been exploring some more, I am beginning to want something more!