Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day Eleven

What is it?, originally uploaded by mari_ickes.

What is it? Any guesses?


Southern Girl said...

Pieces of broken glass stuck in your kitchen sink drain? ;)

Interesting photo -- can't wait to find out what it really is!

Mari said...

Nope. Hint: I was at work (dentist's office) when I took it.

superrelish said...

I think I would call this one 'flushed away', water spiraling down the drain.

Mari said...

Nope. I was sitting at my desk. One more guess and I'll tell ya'll!

Anna said...

Is it a light bulb?

Mari said...

I'm SO glad you asked. I was beginning to think nobody cared! :)

It is my paper clip holder. I have it laying down on it's side; the part that looks like it is going down the drain is actually the paper clips going down the hole.

I'll try to take another photo of it (while I still work here!) to give you a better idea.