Saturday, February 10, 2007

Day Thirty-Four

Coochi Coochi Cooochi and Elmo, originally uploaded by mari_ickes.

Since we are in the pet-adding mood, we decided to add 2 more! Night named them-his is the yellow one (pronounced lello) and is named Elmo. Keira's is the pink one, named Coochi Coochi Coochi. I don't know why! Cute, though, huh?!


Southern Girl said...

Oh, my goodness -- I've never seen hermit crabs with painted shells like that! I used to have those when I was a little girl. Someday soon I'll have to blog about the time we lost a crab in the hospital when I was a patient there. ;)

Desert Songbird said...

I think it's really funny when the hermit crabs have painted shells. My kids love those.

marianne said...

I've never seen them painted like that before - how cute! Love the coochi coochi coochi name.

Karin said...

That's how my two year old pronounces yellow, too! So cute :)